After a long wait, the first episode of Hostages finally aired last night. How did it fare amongst critics? Check out a general overview of its reception below!

AV Club: C+

"The writers will have to work to keep her and McDermott tied together, and that’s rarely a good sign. Are they going to have adventures? Is half this season going to revolve around therapy sessions and court trials? Maybe. And maybe it’ll be amazing. But for now, the only reason to recommend this is that it could’ve been worse."

The LA Times

"By pilot's end, the tension level is more "Parenthood" than "Homeland." One suspects the "Hostages" of the title refers to Carlisle as well as Ellen and her family, but who knows? McDermott does little save look square-jawed, but Collette and Donovan are always interesting to watch. Many viewers, including myself, will no doubt tune into Episode 2 if only out of curiosity."

"Basically, the quicker Hostages embraces its stupid side, and lets McDermott shoot at people, it'll be better. The problem is, unfortunately, that it's hard to do 42 minutes of show each week without taking detours into the lives of the hostages and the kidnappers. Those stories could improve sooner rather than later, especially with solid performers like Donovan, Sandrine Holt, and Billy Brown involved, but what are the chances that a story about a high school kid selling weed ends up being interesting? Or that adultery makes the hostage situation that much more intense? If Hostages can't make one episode that engaging, then it won't be able to do it across 15, or more. The lifespan of a premise only matters when a show gives us time to think about it, and Hostages gave us a whole lotta time. "

HitFix: D+

"The characters wander a spectrum from boring to irritating (guess which end the two teenage kids wind up on?), and the situation already feels unsustainable by the end of the first episode. I do not care what happens to any of these people, so why do I want to watch them stuck in this claustrophobic tension dealing with contrived situations that will prolong it over a season? Read more at "

So, a bit of a mixed bag, from a critical standpoint. What did you think? Vote in the poll and let us know in the comments.

What did you think of the first episode?

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